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Quebec-Yukon Intergovernmental Cooperation Program

The Intergovernmental Cooperation Program stems from the Agreement for Cooperation and Exchange between the Government of Yukon and the Government of Quebec with Respect to the Francophonie, signed on March 31, 2016.

Each party has committed to investing $25,000 annually over five years, for a total of $250,000, to promote partnerships and exchanges between Francophones in Yukon and Quebec. We are therefore spending $50,000 annually to promote the vitality of the French-speaking community across Yukon.

2019 call for proposals

Deadline for submitting proposals: March 18, 2019

You may submit a proposal if you live in Yukon and you…

  • represent an organization (association, business, facility or institution); or
  • if you are an individual and your proposal is endorsed by an organization (letter of support required).

Your proposal is eligible if it…

  • involves the participation of at least one partner in Quebec;
  • seeks to establish a partnership or is based on a collaborative venture or exchange of expertise, or is for the purpose of conducting an exploratory trip;
  • supports the development of the French language and Francophone culture in Yukon and the vitality of Yukon’s French-speaking community;
  • addresses one or more needs in Yukon’s French-speaking community;
  • has an end date of March 31, 2020.

Complete the online form on the Government of Quebec website (in French).

We are here to help you and answer your questions.

Supporting documents 

Projects funded in 2018–2019

  • Étude et analyse des besoins de formation de la communauté francophone [study and needs assessment of the Francophone community’s personal and professional development] ($12,000).
  • Adaptation of the De fils en histoire [stitching in time] exhibit for presentations at schools ($12,000).
  • Showings of Intimités francophones documentary, with artist and filmmaker Anne-Céline Genevois in attendance ($2,400).
  • Colloque sur la santé mentale au Yukon [colloquium on mental health in Yukon] ($13,800).
  • Dance workshops for students and the public, inspired by the words of Caravane des dix mots ($9,800).

Projects funded in 2017–2018

  • Three-day symposium on early childhood, including a performance for the general public by Quebec comedian Émilie Ouellette ($16,400).
  • New branding for L’Aurore boréale (serving the French-speaking community), tailored to the newspaper’s various digital formats ($12,950).
  • Mentoring opportunities for artists taking part in the 5th edition of the Onde de choc multidisciplinary show ($10,000).
  • Artist-in-residence event (oral traditions), with closing performance for the general public ($7,000).
  • Exploratory trip for virtual twinning of Yukon and Quebec students to write stories together using Jacques Prévert’s game-of-consequences (“Exquisite Corpse”) method ($3,590).
  • “Interactive doorways” (additional special project): Live hook-up between Whitehorse and 11 other Canadian cities during the Constellation francophone/Solstice Saint-Jean event ($16,000).

Projects funded in 2016–2017

  • Business development internship at L’Aurore boréale ($10,460).
  • Free show by Sarah Toussain Léveillé marking the 10th annual Journée de la francophonie yukonnaise ($8,250).
  • Professional development for two early childhood workers during a trip to Quebec ($8,000).
  • 10-day artist-in-residence event (cultural mediation) with Patsy Van Roost, popularly known as La fée du Mile End ($7,250).
  • Multidisciplinary performance at the Yukon Arts Centre honouring the stories and achievements of Franco-Yukon women ($7,000).
  • Production of audiovisual reports on the vitality of Yukon Francophones, in cooperation with a Web magazine on France-Quebec news ($5,000).
  • Exploratory trip to Quebec to establish a partnership for a support phone line in French in Yukon ($4,890).


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