French Language Services Directorate

Yukon Francophonie Day - May 15

Journée de la Francophonie

Yukon Francophonie Day (Journée de la francophonie yukonnaise). Raising of the flag


Glenn Hart, Minister responsible for the French Language Services Directorate at the Yukon Francophone flag raising reception at Whitehorse City Hall on May 14, 2010, to mark the 4th Yukon Francophonie Day on May 15th.


Yukon Francophonie Day 2010. Open House at the French Language Services Directorate.

The Franco-Yukon Flag—1986

The Franco-Yukon flag is of blue, white and gold: the blue represents the francophonie as well as the Yukon sky; the white symbolizes winter north of 60, and the gold recalls Yukon history and the early French-speaking presence in the territory. The graphics refers to Yukon’s crystalline sky, grandiose landscapes and vibrant life. It is also reminiscent of obstacles to surmount and mountains to climb. “This is a rich, original flag that instils pride in our roots and our involvement. It does not rely on quaint symbols to identify the people it represents—it speaks of conquests made through greater respect for cultural identity,” says Cécile Girard, who created the flag.

Yukon Francophone day Proclamation