French Language Services Directorate

French Language Training

Weekly classes (Fall and Winter)

12-week classes, 2-hours/week
10 optional conversational sessions


Note: classes offered in Winter are a continuation of the courses offered during the Fall semester, except for the True Beginner course.


Beginner courses
For people who have never studied French and for those w​​ith a very basic understanding of the French language.​
Course descriptions: True Beginner (Winter only) | Beginner 1 | Beginner 2 | Beginner 3



Intermediate courses
For people with​ a basic to good knowledge of the French language and who can understand and speak French in simple situations.

Course descriptions: Intermediate 1 | Intermediate 2



Advanced courses
For people who have a good command of the French language and want to increase their proficiency.

Course descriptions: Advanced



Consolidation: Grammar and Communication
For advanced students to review difficult grammatical notions and introduce them to new vocabulary and idiomatic expressions.

Course description: Consolidation



Optional conversational sessions
Conversational sessions are offered to participants registered in weekly classes who want an additional opportunity to speak French. Ten sessions are held per semester during the fall and winter semesters. Classes are once a week for 1.5 hours and focus on developing speaking and listening abilities. The four levels are:

Course descriptions: BeginnerHigh Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced


Contact for Information or Registration

Adult French Language Training

Phone: 867-667-8297