French Language Services Directorate


Our Responsibilities

The French Language Services Directorate strives to attain the following objectives:

To provide an excellent French language information service to the public; to assist various government departments in establishing French language services and to support the efforts of other organizations to provide French language services; to provide departments with excellent central translation and interpretation services.

To make known government programs and services, and to encourage the use of these services; to promote knowledge and understanding of the Languages Act and the French Language Policy and to encourage departments to share information on available French language services among themselves.

To negotiate the establishment of self-generating French language services with government departments; to analyze French language services implementation with Association Franco-Yukonnaise (AFY) and to negotiate with them a level of funding for the francophone community; to negotiate and manage the five-year Canada-Yukon Funding Agreement.

To undertake required research and analysis in order to identify clients (their goals and objectives) and resources (both people and material); to gather information on the use of French language services.

To assess French language services in Yukon, and to take part in the evaluation of the five-year Canada-Yukon Funding Agreement.