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Act and Policy

Bilingual Staffing Guidelines  

Languages Act

The Yukon Languages Act was enacted in 1988. Under this legislation:

  • The public has the right to use English, French, or a Yukon aboriginal language in the Legislative Assembly; 
  • The public has the right to use French or English in any Yukon court; 
  • Yukon acts and regulations must be published in English and French; both versions have equal authority; and 
  • “Any member of the public in the Yukon has the right to communicate with, and to receive available services from, any head or central office of an institution of the Legislative Assembly or of the Government of Yukon in English or French…” (Section 6 (1))

Languages Act 

French Language Policy

  • The French Language Policy outlines the scope and responsibilities within the Government of Yukon for delivering French language services. 
  • It acknowledges the Francophone community as the target clientele for French language services and as a partner with government in implementing the Languages Act.

French Language Policy (GAM 1.7)