French Language Services Directorate

Consultation and Committees

Consultation and Committees

The French Language Policy states that Yukon’s French-speaking community is a partner in determining the practical requirements of the Languages Act. It states the government will consult the community to determine priorities for service in French. These committees and meetings are part of the consultation process:

Advisory Committee on French Language Services

This committee advises the Minister responsible for the French Language Services Directorate on issues concerning the Languages Act and the implementation of services in French. Its seven members, appointed by Cabinet, include three representatives of the French-speaking community, one representative of the Yukon Employees Union and three deputy ministers or presidents.

Working Committee on French Language Services

The purpose of this more informal committee is to discuss issues, concerns and possible solutions around the government’s services in French. It includes representatives of the government and the Yukon’s French-speaking community. Those who attend vary depending on the issues being discussed.

Committee on Communication and Translation

Communication with government is a priority for the Yukon’s French-speaking community. This committee meets three or four times a year to define specific priorities in the communication and translation areas. Its members include the executive director and the communication director of Association franco-yukonnais, the editor of L’Aurore boréale (the Yukon’s French language newspaper), a representative of the francophone community, a communications officer from the Government of Yukon and the director and communications officer with the French Language Services Directorate.

Formal and Informal Meetings

Consultation can also take place through formal and informal meetings between the French-speaking community and the Premier, the minister responsible for the French Language Services Directorate, other ministers, deputy ministers or other government officials.